Club med fitness

Club med fitness

With all the right equipment, our fitness areas welcome you daily for fitness classes or cardio and weights training, depending on the Resort. Certain Resorts propose cardio and weights rooms by Club Med Gym.

All-inclusive Fitness programs at Club Med

You can take part in group classes and try a wide range of activities, with all the necessary equipment and personal tips from our certified GOs, adapted to your individual level of skill. Classes are available for all levels.

Fitness activities included in your package:
- Yoga: enjoy the greatest health benefits by enabling you to develop your flexibility, strength, and balance.
- Power Walk: this is a group walk that takes us outside of the perimeter of the resort - great way to discover the scenery of the area.
- Cardio, Toning or Step classes: burn calories while you shake up your workout, inside the Fitness facility or outside under a shaded palapa
- Water aerobics: while you are cooling off in the pool you can also add a fun 30 minute workout. A great water exercise class, offered in the pool; perfect for all fitness levels. - Zumba classes: dance to high-energy music - a great cardio workout that will burn your calories away!
- Stretch: some resorts offer stretch classes to help your body recover

Professional Fitness Academy- Sandpiper Bay, FL

The Club Med Fitness Academy (CMFA) @ Sandpiper Bay in Port St Lucie, FL, has brought together pros & champions in Fitness Training & Triathalons. Their philosophy is if you’re passionate about being an athlete, you’re going to need to be Fit. And developing athletes’ body and mind is what they do, as they have a proven track record of using Methods that cultivate highly promising Young, College, Professional, and Super Star athletes.


Active Wellness Program- Sandpiper Bay, FL

This year, Sandpiper Bay warmly invites you to enhance your all-inclusive vacation with 360° Active Wellness Boost Packages for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Along with professional coaching for running, triathlons, tennis, golf and fitness - these highly personalized 1-Day, 3-Day and 6-Day programs include a lifestyle analysis, specialized fi tness training, sensorial L’OCCITANE® spa therapies, healthy cuisine, and an array of wellness and rejuvenation activities.


Our resorts with Fitness facilities & classes

Discover the fabulous destinations where you can tone your muscles and get fit with Club Med.

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