Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas Vacations

The Bahamas are a group of approximately 700 islands off the coast of Florida that have been attracting vacationers of all ages for generations. With pleasant weather all year long, it’s always the perfect place to visit. But there is so much more to do than soak up the rays during an all inclusive vacation in the Bahamas, as you will see. Many Bahaman visitors are looking for underwater action, and they find it while swimming with the sharks or exploring the magnificent coral reefs. There is also exotic wildlife, superb resorts, nightlife, shopping, dining and more to explore on land.

Columbus Isle

The Columbus Isle resort is located on the Bahamas’ San Salvador Island, a sun-drenched haven with extensive white sand beaches surrounded by inviting turquoise waters. The resort runs parallel to one such beach, which is fully equipped with everything from deckchairs and parasols to a beach bar, ideal for family vacations to the Bahamas.

Luxury Vacations in Columbus Isle




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