Sophie jacqmin

Club Med recruits prestigious partners and young talents from the famous Ecole Boulle school of design to be sure that the design, interior decoration and creativity of its Resorts makes them an intriguing and sumptuous place to spend a unique vacation experience. Sophie Jacqmin is a designer and interior designer.


Sophie Jacqmin is an interior designer and decorator who has developed the art of designing ephemeral space. She has worked on numerous interior design projects for corporate and private customers, and works with companies such as Christian Dior and Tungstène. In 2005 she opened a studio in Buenos Aires, and continues to work on interior design projects in South America and Europe, and on scenography and event design.

Discover the luxury spaces designed by Sophie Jacqmin aboard Club Med 2

Club Med 2

Poetic scenes and stories inspired by ships and navigation are depicted in intimate ambiences inspired by telling tales of the sea". For example, the Moby Dick bar was inspired by Melville's famous character. The tail of a whale outlines the bar and stretches out to the dance floor, a tribute to the ship-building trade". Sophie Jacqmin

Hotel Calypso at Djerba la Douce, Tunisia

"Inspired by Tunisia's cultural heritage as the crossroads of civilisations, this project focuses on the kilim carpet, with a bedhead inspired by a weaving loom. The lights are inspired by reels of coloured thread that stand out from the overall scheme of soft, fresh colour." Sophie Jacqmin

Discover Club Med Passworld spaces for teenagers, designed by Sophie Jacqmin

Club Med Passworld

"The image I have is of a group of teenagers gathered round a park bench, it could be anywhere. What they need is a flexible, open territory that they can adapt in their own way, rather than a space that somebody else has defined. They need to create it themselfves". Sophie Jacqmin

Discover Club Med Passworld spaces designed by Sophie Jacqmin in the Resort Cancun Yucatan, Mexico

Club Med Passworld at Cancùn Yucatàn, Mexico

The "Car Wash" uses the water from the lagoon for its workshops inspired by the universe of car and ship mechanics. Amphibious vehicles and huge drying machines all "managed" by a central control room in a spirit of carefree chaos.

Discover Club Med Passworld spaces designed by Sophie Jacqmin in the Resort Club Med Cherating Beach, Malaysia

Club Med Passworld at Cherating Beach, Malaysia

Located on the ground floor, facing the South China Sea, this Club Med Passworld is a colony of mutant mushrooms that look like lanterns, hanging from the ceiling. Each one is a world of its own, with its own specific function!

Full Moon on board Club Med 2

Poetry and the unexpected are the inspiration behind the stories I tell: the idea is for the public to get involved and feel free to take the story over. Sophie Jacqmin




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