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Our events and signatures

Experience magic moments thanks to unique artistic experiences created for your senses by Club Med: Ambiences Ephemères are exclusive creations by talented scenographers, andSignature Events are specific events created to fit the spirit of a Resort by the studio responsible for redesigning it.

"Ambiances Éphémères" Children program

Benjamin Poulanges brings you two unforgettable moments for parents and children:

  • « Once upon a time »: on the beach at sunset, snow-white beds scattered with pillows create an enchanting fairy world
  • « A garden fairyland »: goodies and games take you back to the enchanting world of childhood.

  • "Ambiances Éphémères" program: Ultranature

    Luxury family resorts

    In the early hours of the evening, GMs are invited to enter into a supernatural world lit by fireflies with gentle lounge music, courtesy of Benjamin Poulanges. Later on the festive spirit takes over, with "ultra natural" cocktails served at the bar.

    "Ambiances Éphémères" program: Sunset Boulevard

    In a magical Zen ambience dreamt up by Jean-Marc Gady, come and join in this sunset rendez-vous. Torches enhance and guide the sun's rays through a giant frame, magnifying this moment of communion with the star of our solar system.

    "Ambiances Éphémères" program: Gold Experience

    A mystery VIP event created by Sam Baron for adults, a pilgrimage of gold and light that tantalises the senses, leading you to a party in a luxury lounge where nature is the star guest.

    "Ambiances Éphémères" program: Lounge Pool

    Around the pool, the fun atmosphere imagined by Benjamin Poulanges becomes a romantic evening lounge. Relax in an intimate ambience in these mini lounges where fairies, elves and sorcerers serve you colourful cocktails with a surprise in store.

    "Ambiances Éphémères" program: Ice & Fire

    Luxury family resorts

    In the pool area, Jean-Marc Gady has invented a journey of the senses that takes you through "Ice" and "Fire". You'll be served with a series of surprising titbits inspired by these extreme elements. Sensations and fun inspired by spice and ice are the central theme of the evening.

    Signature Event Club Med 2

    Signature Event Club Med 2

    Cruise passengers are invited to a Full Moon evening at the stern of the ship, an astral journey designed by Sophie Jacqmin. Swathed in moonlight, GOs perform a dream-like ceremony in honour of the moon's magical influence, with cosmic cocktails.




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