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Discover Scuba Diving , adult and children programs at Club Med all-inclusive resorts

Scuba diving

Dive with an instructor and state-of-the-art equipment and explore the world's incredible underwater paradises. Your children can also get a taste of this underwater adventure in total safety, with our First Dive packages.

First dives

Club Med proposes an unforgettable experience for children: their first experience of diving, and their first official certificate to show for it!

Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean sea at Club Med all-inclusive resorts

Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean has a host of quiet, transparent creeks where divers can enjoy the flora and fauna in beautifully conditions.

Discover Scuba diving in our Resorts

Scuba Diving in Africa & Middle East at Club Med all-inclusive resorts

African and the Middle Eastern coasts

May your vacation be a festival of colour. With your flippers and cylinder, venture into the heart of the most incredibly enchanting coral reefs and encounter fish of the most fabulous colours.

Discover Scuba diving in our Resorts

Scuba Diving in Asia & the Indian Ocean at Club Med all-inclusive resorts

Asian and the Indian Ocean's coasts

In the lagoons and surrounding sea, discover the most amazing varieties of coral, inhabited by sharks and manta rays, lion fish and moray eels. A scuba-diver's paradise.

Discover Scuba diving in our Resorts

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean waters at Club Med all-inclusive resorts

Caribbean and American coasts

The warm, crystal clear waters of the French West Indies are ideal for divers of all levels.

Resorts with Diving Academies

Check out our diving schools at Club Med resorts, for sports vacations

Scuba diving Academies*

Our Resorts with Diving Academies

Resorts with Diving Academies

Practical information to prepare your winter sports vacation at Club Med

Practical information

All you need to know to prepare for your future excursions: medical certificate and self-assessment questionnaire, equipment rental and official diplomas.

Practical information

Dive Insurance

Insurance specifically covering scuba diving is compulsory to participate. Your insurance card/certificate will be requested when registering for diving. You may also enroll on site with the dive center for the duration of your stay ($29 for 1 week, $39 for 2 weeks, $9 per day, etc) via Diveassure.




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