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Funboarding and windsurfing

Children can float on a funboard while the expert windsurfers ride the waves with the appropriate gear to suit their needs and skills.

Enjoy windsurfing lessons in Club Med resorts, for sports vacations

Learning to funboard and windsurf

Club Med has a host of propositions for funboarding and windsurfing enthusiasts. The Club's Funboarding and Windsurfing Academies will help you improve your skills, while novices can try their hand at windsurfing with the Discovery Sports lessons.
Our discovery and advanced classes allow the keenest adepts to make real progress.

Sports vacations: all-inclusive resorts with windsurfing and sailing activities at Club Med

Funboarding and windsurfing destinations

From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, make the most of your vacation to ride the waves in total safety thanks to our top quality equipment and professional instructors.

Funboarding and windsurfing destinations

Windsurfing schools for the family at Club Med resorts for sports vacation

Funboarding and Windsurfing Academies

Discover our Red Sea Resort with a Funboarding and Wakeboarding Academy, and enjoy these two great sports in ideal conditions.

Resorts with a Funboarding and Windsurfing Academy




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