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A generous and refined à la carte formula for families, couples, friends and singles: we do the work, you get the most out of every moment of your holiday, with no worries about going over budget.

Club Med’s upscale offerings, paired with its all-inclusive pricing, will appeal to your value sensitive readers. The Club Med Press Room invites you to take advantage of all the information we have provided.

Your happiness taken care of and your trust rewarded thanks to the Club Med Great Members program. You become a Great Member from your first vacation with us, and your status is updated with each stay, with increasingly exclusive advantages to your credit.

In 1950 two pioneering spirits invented a new All-Inclusive vacation concept. They dreamt of providing idyllic surroundings where people could get away from it all and relax, discover new sports, the wonders of nature and make new friends. A new definition of luxury! And they called it Club Méditerranée.

To ensure development is sustainable, we need to respond to two of the major challenges of our era: the pressure on the planet, and the tension between communities. Club Méditerranée plays an active role, constantly seeking to manage to the highest standards the impact of its activity in these two areas.

The Club Méditerranée Foundation, established in 1978, supports the cause of children and helps fight illness and disease. With the personal commitment of its chairman, Henri Giscard d’Estaing, some 3,000 GOs and GEs give up their time and contribute their energies, helping local causes close to their workplace.


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